Buying Real Estate in Croatia for Foreigners

According to the Croatian law, foreign citizens and enterprises can be owners of real estate in all the territory of Republic Croatia.

The new Amendment of the Law on property rights and other rights, which came into force on 1 February 2009, brought certain novelties for citizens of the European Union. Namely, these amendments provide the citizens of the European Union to purchase real estate in Croatia under same conditions as Croatian citizens. It is a part of the EU accession arrangement, that was stipulated in Stabilisation and Association Agreement. 

By these amendments, EU citizens obtain ownership over real estate in Croatia, under assumption that apply to Croatian citizens and legal entities with seat in Croatia, without the administrative bares that applied earlier, such as reciprocity condition (which required that Croatians can buy real estate in certain country under same conditions as foreigner in Croatia) and consent from the Ministry of Justice.

For other foreigners, the situation remains the same, i.e., the reciprocity condition must exist, and a foreigner is obliged to obtain a consent from the Ministry of Justice. 

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